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My Name in Print!

Have you picked up the summer issue of Quilt Trends magazine?


I am quoted and have photographs in the Quilting Swaps, Groups and Bees via Social Media article that Lindsay Conner wrote! When Lindsay approached me about contributing to her article in March, I could not say yes fast enough. At the time I had just wrapped up my Shirts blocks for the SHIRTS! Swap and was working on my April Modern InstaBee Block so it was perfect timing.


To say that I am excited to see my name in print is an understatement!


The entire issue is wonderful and I encourage you to pick up a copy if you have not already.




I can check “learn how to paper piece” off of my to-do list and I LOVE it!

Paper piecing was one of my goals for 2014 along with another that we will not mention since I have failed spectacularly.  When I saw that Lee Monroe of May Chappell was hosting an All Shirts Swap using the Carolyn Friedlander Shirts pattern which was paper pieced, I decided right then that it was time to step up to the plate. I struggled with the first few shirts and they took forever to do (over an hour easily) but I kept at it because I love the crisp, sharp lines that paper piecing produces plus I was making tiny shirts. All in all I ended up making 18 shirts (they do not take as long now), sending 10 to Lee, three to Alaska as a side swap and hanging on to the five that I could not bare to part with.

On a sidenote, I did not realize that this pattern was considered tiny. I just assumed that all paper piecing projects were this small. The blocks will finish at 5 1/2″ square.


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Here is my set of 18:


And here are the 13 that I received from the All Shirts Swap and my Alaska side swap:


I am super excited that I received such a great assortment of shirts. The makers had a great eye for color and pattern. I received the green on green shirt from Carolyn Friedlander and the anchor shirt from Lee Monroe! I had originally thought that I was going to do a small wall hanging, but that changed with the announcement of All Shirts Swap 2.0. Now I am not sure how they will end up.

There was such a great response to the swap that Lee is hosting Round 2! I jumped on board again and I cannot wait to start making more shirts. Have you thought about paper piecing? Have you thought about joining the All Shirts Swap? Do it!! The deadline for mailing is in far away June so you have plenty of time! Warning: they are highly addictive!

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