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Blocks & Swaps

It has been a busy week around here as we crash into Christmas. I still have too many things to finish, but I have some fun blocks to show today.

December brings us another month of the Philly MQG Bee. We did Spiderweb blocks for Pat, one of my dear friends. Pat provided us with the center kites and foundation paper and instructed us to go scrappy and colorful from our stash. Boy, were these blocks a challenge for me! No color palette and random, neither one of those make me comfortable, but I trudged on and really enjoyed the process of making these blocks.


These blocks are my sewing and quilting history. Pat now has pieces of almost every project that I have made to date and I love knowing that. She has pieces of my favorite scarf, my mom’s quilt, my grandmother’s quilt, pieces of fabric from both of my nephew’s quilts, everything!


How many scraps do you recognize?

I was lucky enough to be able to sneak to Philadelphia on Tuesday to hang out with my MQG friends. We had a wonderful evening with our annual white elephant swap and I really wish I could make every meeting! Pat and Bobbi have made my transition to Maryland much easier and have been my cheerleaders and proofreaders with my tutorials. To thank them, I made each of them a block.

I fueled Bobbi’s paper piecing fire with an Outhouse block by Carolyn Friedlander. I got Bobbi hooked on the shirts and I am secretly hoping that she gets hooked on the outhouses as well! I’d love to do another swap with her.

andpins_outhousePat had mentioned how much she loved the Hazel the Hedgehog blocks when we were planning the Philly MQG bee so I made her one!


And finally, Southern Comforter’s had their annual Christmas potluck this month complete with a holiday themed 12.5″ block swap. Well, I am not one that is big on tradition so I made a Xmas inspired Hazel!


It has been a block filled December! It is my month for the Modern Instabee and I cannot wait to show you what I have been receiving. I am going to post once I have all of them together, so you will have to wait and see!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! Are any blocks in your plans?


November’s Bee Blocks!

As we round into the Thanksgiving holiday I am reminded how thankful I am for my quilting friends who constantly make me think about color and push the limits of my comfort zone. Joining the Modern InstaBee was one of the best decisions I made this year, I have sewn curves, played with color, and generally paid closer attention to my sewing and I am now quicker to rip out a seam and try again. I am looking forward to seeing what the Philly MQG members throw my way!

November brings the ending of one bee and a beginning of another, the Modern InstaBee wraps up in December with my blocks (I cannot wait!) and I’m in the second month of the Philly MQG bee. Once again, I am ahead of the game and the blocks are already in their new homes.


Cordelia’s Garden was the November block in for the Modern InstaBee. Miki, who happens to be a Philly MQG member, chose aqua, red, gray and white. She preferred solids, but prints were ok so I chose prints with subtle patterns for some dimension. I love the brightness and simplicity of the color palette, it lends itself beautifully for this block. You can see all of my InstaBee blocks here.


Wild churn dash blocks were up for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild bee for Nancy. She requested orange, yellow, or red with a black and white. These blocks were so much fun and quick to make. As you can see, I went a bit “wild” with my fabric choices and went with a play on grids for the blocks.

Have you participated in a quilting bee before? Do you have one lined up for 2015? I am looking for another year long project to keep my creativity flowing and my sewing machine running.


October’s Bee Block

It’s still October and my October Modern Instabee block is in the mail! No last minute sewing for me. This month was the lovely Ninja star with cream linen, coral and aqua. I LOVE this block! I am super surprised that I like this color combination so much, since it is not a set of colors I use or wear in my daily life. andpins_NinjaStar We have two months to go and I’ll be sad to see it end, but I am looking forward to December since it is my month to be Queen. November we are Cordelia’s Garden and I already have some fun fabrics in mind. You can see all of my blocks here. November also kicks off my participation in the Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild Bee! I am thrilled that I am able to participate from afar and to make blocks for a very dear group of friends.

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