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Charley Harper!

My life is complete, Charley Harper’s work is on fabric! I have been a huge fan of Harper’s illustrations since I discovered his work in college. His simplification of form and use of color is inspiring.

2013-11-22 14.00.07


My Aunt is a fan of Harper as well and when I found out that the fabric was being released, I immediately called her to share my excitement. I volunteered to make her a quilt if she wanted to purchase fabric, a quilt she is still waiting for…it’s on my list, I promise! She ordered fabric for her quilt and she surprised me with an early Christmas present, a full set of fat quarters! I have been hoarding it, admiring it, and debating on what I am going to use it for.

While I still have not decided what their final use will be, I broke into a few small pieces of them for a mug rug. One of my fellow co-workers has a birthday a week before mine in January and she happens to love Harper!


I love that I keep meeting people that love his work as much as I do. Tell me, are you a fan of Harper’s work? If so, what would you use the fabric for?

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