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“Z” Drawstring Backpack

Handmade gifts, it is what I pride myself in doing for my nephew. He may not appreciate them now, but I know that his mom does and that he will one day. Yes, he LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine and yes he already has a lot of them.

He turned two on Friday! TWO! (Where did the time go?) I got him an Uncle Goose BUG Alphabet block set which I have been eyeing since he was born. The blocks are manufactured by hand in Michigan, hand painted, colorful and feature BUGS! Bugs are perfect for a two year old boy. I continued the ABC theme with The Sleepy Little Alphabet: A Bedtime Story from Alphabet Town which has darling illustrations. I still needed something handmade…

I decided that a bag would be perfect, I could pack the blocks in it for shipping and he could pack his trains to go when he goes on adventures with mom and dad. A drawstring backpack would be lightweight and easy to carry! I personalized it with a big yellow Z.


I have had the Cloud 9 Laddies and Poppets fabric for awhile since the pattern was too large for the grab balls and other toys I have made, so the backpack was a perfect place to use it. I even had the felt and cording in the house! I followed Liz Stanley’s Drawstring Backpack Tutorial but adjusted the size for the fat quarter I was using. Since I was only using quilting cotton and you could almost see through the white, I lined the inside of the bag with a solid blue fabric and just wave stitched the two fabrics together.

It turned out to be the perfect size for him and hopefully he will enjoy using it.


Past gifts: Bird Mobile, Grab Balls and Beach Balls, Quilt (my first!), and Mr. Penguin

Introducing Betsy!

I’m in love and I think my Bernina has noticed! Meet Betsy, my beautiful celery green Singer Featherweight. She was born in 1964.


I have been dreaming of a Featherweight for almost a year and my wonderful MIL and family gifted me one for Christmas. I have been getting to know her over the last two weeks while my Bernina is in the shop for a tune up.

Betsy needed a bag since the handle on her original train case is missing, so I set out to make her one. I found Crafty Hipster’s tutorial and modified it to suit my needs. I used her to make it and I was impressed that she handled the layers and layers of fabric with no trouble.

Featherweight Bag2_web

I changed the handles, added exterior pockets and lined the exterior and interior fabrics with heavy interfacing. Additionally, I added flaps with magnets to keep the dust off of her.

Featherweight Bag_Web

My featherweight sews beautifully and I am happy to have a second machine to take to sewing days and retreats. It’s also a bonus to not have to constantly rethread the Bernina to use a different color thread!

Sunglasses Case

I have been in the midst of several long term sewing projects and the blog has fallen by the wayside. Now that it is scorching outside, they have been shelved for the season and I can show you some of the smaller projects that I did over the winter and spring. I have big plans for the summer, so stay tuned!

How do you like my new logo?! It is a new addition and I am looking forward to getting tags printed so I can finally begin branding.

I was looking for a quick, but nice project for one of my girlfriend’s birthdays so I went into my stash and found the perfect fabric for her. This red and gray geometric print worked wonderfully for the sunglasses case I stitched up. The pattern was from my go to book Bags: the Modern Classics.

Sunglass Case Duo

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