Sorry for the radio silence, somehow it is the 26th of February already! I’ve been stitching away almost every spare minute in between working, helping a LQS upgrade their website, and putting in an offer on a house. Did you spend last weekend glued to social media looking at the photos from QuiltCon like I did? Here is what I have been working on the last two weeks:

I put the final stitches on in the binding of my latest Plus finish, Plus no. 4. She was quilted by my friend Amalia and is headed to the wash this evening and will photographed and gifted next week.

I tested the Belts & Buckles quilt pattern from Rebel Craft Media – it is a great pattern and I cannot wait to share it with you. Check out #beltsandbucklesquilt on Instagram to see what everyone is up to.

The progressive quilt that I participated in during last year’s Mid-Atlantic Mod won First Place in the Bee or Group Quilts Category at QuiltCon! I am beyond thrilled to have participated the quilt with the wonderful group of women. A huge congratulations to Rose who won the top, quilted it beautifully, and submitted it to QuiltCon.


1st Place, Bee or Group Quilts
Playing with Little Bits by participants of Mid-Atlantic MOD 2014
Columbia, Maryland
Mid-Atlantic MOD 2014
Pieced by: Rose Daley, Anna Levengood, Jill Stafford, Jessica Skultety, Jessica Levitt, Robin Tillsworth, Rachel Singh, and Elizabeth Timmons
Quilted by: Rose Daley

What have you been up to lately?





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One thought on “Whew!

  1. quiltingjetgirl February 26, 2015 at 10:15 am Reply

    Congratulations on having your bee / group quilt take first place at QuiltCon; how awesome! I have to admit to following YOUR posts while I was at QuiltCon and being jealous of all the crafting time I was missing out on. 🙂

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