“Z” Drawstring Backpack

Handmade gifts, it is what I pride myself in doing for my nephew. He may not appreciate them now, but I know that his mom does and that he will one day. Yes, he LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine and yes he already has a lot of them.

He turned two on Friday! TWO! (Where did the time go?) I got him an Uncle Goose BUG Alphabet block set which I have been eyeing since he was born. The blocks are manufactured by hand in Michigan, hand painted, colorful and feature BUGS! Bugs are perfect for a two year old boy. I continued the ABC theme with The Sleepy Little Alphabet: A Bedtime Story from Alphabet Town which has darling illustrations. I still needed something handmade…

I decided that a bag would be perfect, I could pack the blocks in it for shipping and he could pack his trains to go when he goes on adventures with mom and dad. A drawstring backpack would be lightweight and easy to carry! I personalized it with a big yellow Z.


I have had the Cloud 9 Laddies and Poppets fabric for awhile since the pattern was too large for the grab balls and other toys I have made, so the backpack was a perfect place to use it. I even had the felt and cording in the house! I followed Liz Stanley’s Drawstring Backpack Tutorial but adjusted the size for the fat quarter I was using. Since I was only using quilting cotton and you could almost see through the white, I lined the inside of the bag with a solid blue fabric and just wave stitched the two fabrics together.

It turned out to be the perfect size for him and hopefully he will enjoy using it.


Past gifts: Bird Mobile, Grab Balls and Beach Balls, Quilt (my first!), and Mr. Penguin


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