An Adventure in Triangles

It all started with a Rainbow Fat Quarter Bundle and my desire to do something new, something outside of my comfort zone of rectangles and squares. I decided that I preferred the look of a taller triangle (as opposed to a half square triangle) and found the To The Point pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew.


Not being someone who can settle for what I am given, I decided to make a larger, throw size quilt without the sashing. Of course, this meant that I needed more fat quarters than I had so I altered the pattern, leaving four large negative space triangles to make up for the missing fat quarter. I spent a few hours on Sunday laying out the triangles into an arrangement that I was pretty happy with (there are still a few that I am not thrilled with, but I am going to live with it) then I sketched it into my notebook so I had a pattern to follow as I sew the pieces together.

Triangle_Overview(Yes, that is a basted quilt behind my machine, waiting for attention. That quilt is my project for this weekend.)

I have begun the process of sewing the large triangles together into rows, double and triple checking that my stack is in the right order. I am so thankful that I took the time to make the sketch instead of just relying on my stacking.


What has been keeping you busy this week?



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