Gift Round Up: Handbag

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a great ending to twenty-twelve and are having a wonderful start to twenty-thirteen.  Now that the holiday madness is behind us, I am excited to begin sharing the gifts that I made for my friends and family!

My best friend and I always exchange gifts that are both lovely and practical, so I kept with that tradition and made a handbag.  I saw this fabric at Spool and knew immediately that I had to use it for her gift.  I used Straight Stitch Society’s Split Personality Bag pattern with some minor modifications.


The pattern called for a button-hole.  I did not have a button-hole foot for my sewing machine* (and could not find one on short notice) so I used a snap for the closure and the button for decoration.  The pattern makes it reversible, which I did not.  I used a simple, tan cotton as lining and let the exterior fabric sing.

I love how this turned out, now.  When I completed it in November, I hated it.  I put it away for a few weeks and when I pulled it back out I was surprisingly happy with it.  I have come to realize that I am that way with a lot of things.  I am unhappy with them because I am so invested and am continuously working and scrutinizing them.  I have learned that I need to step away and put things out of sight for a while before making any final decisions.

* I am happy to report that I now have a button-hole foot and a whole host of other feet!  My mom finally found the accessory box that we both knew that she had packed in a box somewhere.


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