May I present to you…

…our 2012 Christmas Cards!

For me, the holiday season begins before Thanksgiving when I start thinking about my Christmas cards.  For the last few years I have been designing and making my own, trying each year to top my previous one.  I’ve done a custom illustration and stamp embossing among other things, some were more successful than others.

I have been seeing the washi tape trend and have been dying to use it somewhere, so I picked some up at the Paper Source in reds and greens along with my cards and envelopes.  I got home and had an epiphany, fabric…it will have the same visual feel as the washi tape but give a more tactile and three-dimensional look to the cards.  I raided my fabric stash and some strips of red fabric, green fabric, white thread, my sewing machine and card stock later I have my 2012 Christmas Cards completed!


I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.  We are hosting a holiday dinner party this weekend and I cannot wait to share the menu with you next week!


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2 thoughts on “May I present to you…

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    […] list barely shrinking, I decided to go a bit simpler than our Christmas cards have been in the past. I printed one of my favorite photographs from the year, pulled cards, paper and leftover envelopes […]

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