Bird Mobile

Fabric bird mobile on real branches for my nephew!  The hardest part was deciding on the color combinations (well that and assembling the actual mobile).
When my sister told me she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to make something.  I was going to make a quilt, but knowing her tastes, I ran some patterns by her…boy do we have different ideas of what we like!  So I branched out and decided on a mobile.  I found the bird pattern from Spool Sewing and got to work finding fabrics for her requested color scheme.
The birds themselves go together easily.  I weighted their tails with a teeny bit of rice so they would balance on the branches at the point I wanted them to.  Attaching them to the branches and getting the branches to sit just so was the difficult part.  I actually had a fourth branch for the mobile, but the branch kept rolling so the birds were upside down.  Dead birds were not the look I was going for so needless to say, that branch was abandoned and I am still completely happy with how it turned out.

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2 thoughts on “Bird Mobile

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